In 1982 Bauer Built Manufacturing was opened. They did Machine, Weld, and Paint custom jobs out of their Garage. As their business grew Vaughn & Lori purchased the 2 lots next to their home and put up a shop which Vaughn still owns today and we affectionately call it the downtown shop.

  • Most planters during that time did not have a folding option. You will have to hook on one end and pull them down the road lengthwise. Vaughn saw an opportunity and developed a concept that for folding planters.
  • Farmers began bringing their planters in for him to modify their own and Vaughn even began building the bars. Customers would order their row units and Vaughn would build them a tool bar, paint it the appropriate color and install their row units.
  • Little did Vaughn know that Deere had taken notice of what he was doing and called him up out of the blue one day in 2002. They came to terms and offered him a million dollar loan to build the old factory which currently houses John Deere Paton. That building was added on 27 times and was sold just after the 10 year anniversary of the partnership in 2013.
  • 2013 -2015 The current 200,000 sq./ft. factory was built.
  • 2019-2020 and additional 100,000 sq/ft was added on to the facility
  • After the sale in 2013 BBM started with 8 employees
  • Currently BBM has 79 employees.