We offer in-house mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical assembling. Our dedicated assembly team is equipped to handle all of our customers’ assembly needs. Each person on the assembly crew is more of a mechanic than an assembly line worker. They have the skills and experience to build any of our current projects by themselves. We have experience with a variety of projects, from simple to intricate, such as construction equipment and John Deere planters. With a large quantity of hydraulic fittings on hand, we can custom make hoses to any length for most jobs. In addition, we can do custom wiring and make harnesses. Our assembly team has a fleet of forklifts and bridge cranes at their disposal, with the flagship being a Versa-Lift that can lift up to 80,000 lbs.

  • Custom hydraulic hoses
  • Custom wiring and harnesses
  • 4 Ton Bridge cranes
  • Load-out dock