We currently employ skilled welders who specialize in pulse MIG welding and are AWS D1.1 certified. Our welders work in parallel with a welding inspector to ensure all welds meet safety and quality standards. We offer a variety of welding positioners and fixtures to ensure all products are manufactured to a high level of quality and consistency. Our team of engineers can also design custom fixtures for any job. Additionally, we have two weld robots for high production weldments. Our Lincoln Electric System 55 features two weld cells with headstock – tailstock positioners, and our Wolf Robot uses a skyhook positioner that can hold up to 7000lbs.


Pulse Aluminum Welding:

  • Bluco Fixturing
  • Headstock – Tailstock positioners up to 60,000lbs.
  • Custom Fixturing
  • 3 Welding Robots